Monday, 31 October 2011

Walking as a practice - Activity 1.10

OK - if you are reading this (and lord knows why you would be) I apologise. This is an academic activity - and in addition is also probably not anatomically correct.

If you are looking for intelligent comment on systems... this is really not the day (and if you are looking for a serious analysis of how we walk, this will never be the place!)

So, my left heel touches the floor, and as the weight transfers onto my left foot from my right, the left foot rolls until heel, ball and outer edge of the foot are all in contact with the floor. as this happens the left knee bends slightly.

As this weight transfer takes place, there is a swivel in the hips - which I think is caused by the muscles in my stomach.

Once the weight has been totally transfered, the left leg straightens a little and the right leg bends, causing the heel of the right foot to roll up.

As the right foot rolls, and the ball of the foot leaves the floor, the right knee bends, and there is another hip swivel (again through stomach muscles tensing) which kicks the right foot forward.

At this point my slipper fell off - but I think you have the idea!

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